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Instead of Jim Hawkins, the film offers Jim's beautiful female descendant Jamesina (Dawn Addams), who manages to get her hands on Captain Flint's fabled treasure map.This makes Jamesina the target of a variety of scurrilous fortune-hunters, including phony archeologist Harris (Porter Hall) and the malevolent, sightless Newman (James Seay).Gilliat even kidnaps Drouette at one point, believing her to be in league with the hated French.

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The hero is Guernsey-Island smuggler Gilliat (Rock Hudson); the heroine is glamorous British spy Drouette (Yvonne de Carlo).

Set during the Napoleonic wars, the plot finds Gilliat and Drouette trying to outsmart one another for the first few reels.

The Sea Hawk may well be the best film ever made by the popular Milton Sills.

~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Released: 1940Made in: USALength: 127 Minutes Rated: NRFormat: B&WLanguage: English Genre: Adventure, Romantic PK's Rating: Synopsis: In the 1580s, the Sea Hawks -- the name given to the bold privateers who prowl the oceans taking ships and treasure on behalf the British crown -- are the most dedicated defenders of British interests in the face of the expanding power of Philip of Spain.

Despite his now-fearsome reputation, Tressilien is able to win back the love of his fiance, Lady Rosamund Godolphin (Enid Bennett), who has been compelled to marry his half brother.

A thrilling climactic duel to the death brings this sure-fire audience pleaser to a rousing conclusion.Engaged to marry naval officer Alfredo (Gerald Mohr), Alida despises Barbarossa, but she changes her mind when she finds out what a louse Alfredo can be.All loose plot strands are neatly tied up during the swashbuckling finale, wherein Barbarossa leads an attack on Havana.He is later assisted by two plucky youths who help him battle it out with a mutinous crew, unfriendly natives, and dangerous rapids.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Released: 1953Made in: UKLength: 91 Minutes Rated: NRFormat: Color Language: English Genre: Adventure PK's Rating: Synopsis: Victor Hugo's Toilers of the Sea was none too faithfully adapted for the screen as Sea Devils.And Captain Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn) is the boldest of the Sea Hawks, responsible for capturing and destroying more than 50 Spanish ships and ten Spanish cities.

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