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I'm trying to get hold of someone in Symantec to see if they can explain how or why my email address has ended up on their spam lists.If any of you dear readers can shed any light on the matter - please let me know! I sent him some sample mails to see if they could shed any light on it. Remember, if you're using Cloud Flare, you'll need to change the details with them - not your normal hosting provider!You can just use the name of an Exchange 2013 server that is installed with the Client Access server role, or you can set up a more generic host record in DNS for them to use (which I recommend, as this makes it easier to migrate the service in future).

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Brightmail antispam not updating

I eventually found this FAQ about Symantec's blocking.

Here are their suggestions - none of which apply to me! Check if your sending IP is on any spam lists, search for “spam database lookup”.

Here is an example of what happens if I use Telnet to try and send an email to an address that is external to the organization.

220 E15MB1.exchange2013Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Tue, 1000 helo 250 E15MB1.exchange2013Hello [] mail from: [email protected] 2.1.0 Sender OK rcpt to: [email protected] 5.7.1 Unable to relay Receive Connectors.

The Client Access server role hosts the Frontend Transport service, which provides filtering of email traffic (eg antispam agents), and routing of email between the internal Exchange servers and the outside world The Mailbox server role hosts two additional services: Get-Service | Where Display Name -like "*Transport*" | Select Display Name Display Name ----------- Microsoft Exchange Frontend Transport Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Delivery Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Submission Microsoft Exchange Transport Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search No matter whether the server is multi-role or only installed with the Client Access server role, the Frontend Transport service is the only service already listening on TCP port 25 (SMTP).

The other services listen on a variety of other ports (for example TCP 2525 for the Transport service).This reduces the potential of your email being detected in error as coming from a Trojan infected home user machine.I'm not popular enough to send a newsletter 🙂 I've tried getting in contact with the IT departments where my mail is being blocked - but that's not always possible.As mentioned in the comments, I changed my SPF records for my domain name. In chatting with Message Labs they've agreed that they need to make their rejection messages clearer so that users can understand why they've been blocked and how to resolve the issue.325 million mailboxes 25% of global mailboxes 2,000 businesses 9 of top 12 U. For the remote network settings, click the – icon to remove the default IP address range.

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