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The record high and low temperatures recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico's northeastern capital city, are 94 degrees and 64 degrees, respectively. This represents a three-fold increase since 1899—and 810,000 of those new births occurred between the years of 19 alone. Approximately 70 percent of the population is white and about 30 percent is of African or mixed descent.

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The pair snapped pictures of themselves painting each other’s nails during a night in at his house in New York.

Macaulay is also said to be the godfather of the late King of Pop's sons Prince, 20, and Bigi, 14.

Although it is considered to be part of the Torrid Zone, the climate of Puerto Rico is more temperate than tropical.

The average January temperature on the island is 73 degrees, while the average July temperature is 79 degrees. Census Bureau report, the island of Puerto Rico has a population of 3,522,037.

Slaves and native Puerto Ricans mounted rebellions against Spain throughout the early and mid-1800s.

The Spanish were successful, however, in resisting these rebellions.Because of its location, Puerto Rico was a popular target of pirates and privateers during its early colonial period.For protection, the Spanish constructed forts along the shoreline, one of which, El Morro in Old San Juan, still survives.Over the weekend she was spotted sitting on the floor while having a cigarette and climbing lampposts.And in October, the-19-year-old wowed fans as she performed to a packed out crowd alongside Austin Brown at Soho House.In 1873 Spain abolished slavery on the island of Puerto Rico, freeing black African slaves once and for all.

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