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He works with women because, as he says, “Men need more help.

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Individualized coaching sessions and collaborating on a dating plan are just the beginning, as Hoffman arms you with the tools you need to create your ideal love.

Social Clout: 1,760 Twitter followers; 845 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @Dear Mrs D Bragging Rights: teaching you world-class social skills in six months The ability to talk your way out of any situation is a handy one. He’ll also grant you access to an exclusive social network, provide one-on-one guidance as a coach and make a game out of your learning so you have fun while you do it.

She offers five different services for all different levels of online dating, from newbies to seasoned professionals.

Social Clout: 365 Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @Exprt Onlne Datng Bragging Rights: been a dating coach for almost 20 years Wygant’s advice doesn’t just work for one type of person.

If you want a real guy who actually knows what dating in the real world is like, he’s your man to get you on track for dating success.

Social Clout: 8,570 Facebook likes; 5,260 Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @David Wygant Bragging Rights: more than 5 million blog readers Fifteen years of dating mistakes and plenty of odd jobs led to Katz becoming a dating coach.Social Clout: 16,940 Twitter followers; 5,185 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @allanapratt Bragging Rights: previously worked for CBS Using her knowledge of personal branding and making first impressions, Hoffman found she had a talent for online dating.Her unconventional strategies have led to matches for countless clients.Social Clout: 2,575 Facebook likes; 2,160 Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @trippadvice Bragging Rights: developed the 10-Step System to Manifesting Love of Self and Others With more than 25 years of dating under her belt, Battista knows what it’s like to date in the 21st century. Social Clout: 28,685 Twitter followers; 3,640 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @Marni Battista Bragging Rights: featured on TLC Life hasn’t been easy for Pratt, and there were times where she hated her body and her relationships.When you feel like you’re wasting time with dating, she will offer you compassion, support and guidance to help you improve your relationships with others and yourself. She knows the guilt associated with walking away from “the perfect” anything, but she also teaches her clients – much as she taught herself – that honoring and nourishing the relationship with yourself is always the first step you should take.A dating coach not only helps you find a date – they also help you become a better person.

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