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I don't think they would remove anyone from campus unless you were causing a scene.During the day it's an open campus, but at night it's more difficult to get on as the side street gates close.No nerf guns are allowed, curiously, but we're also allowed to have swords in our dorm rooms provide they're for 'decorative purposes'. An acquaintance of mine got massively screwed over a few months ago because his roomie was keeping guns in their on-campus apartment without his knowledge or university approval.

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At 100, you were "campused", meaning no leaving campus except to go to Sunday evening church service or extension outreach. The idea of a college imposing such strict "bean counter" rules is so peculiar.

The rest of us are in college testing boundaries, bending rules, and generally learning how to live our lives: learning discipline and responsibility, and dealing with new found freedom. In my experience, many of the students had never been out from under their constant, domineering and overbearing parental authorities, and BJU was the only place their parents would allow/trust them to go.

One of the best moments when I was there was when the Westboro Baptist Church protested outside of BJU, because it was liberal and was allowing anyone to go to the art museum (it gets federal dollars, so has to). There was a guy on my hall that was interracial - his dad was black and his mom was white.

BJU put out donuts and coffee for them and blocked traffic around the protest. He had to choose a race, and he chose white because there were more girls he could date.

That sounds bad writing it, but at the time it was the norm on campus so it was so shocking.

South Carolina finally officially amended its constitution in 1998 to allow interracial marriages (despite rules against it being found unconstitutional in 1967).I went to Patrick Henry College and someone at BJU sent us their student behavior manual every year.They officially took out the interracial ban but the claim was that it still existed even though it wasn't in print anywhere, is this true?I was friends with a couple of asians in the class, but at least one was shipped - which led to my ban from campus. I went to the high school, Bob Jones Academy in 9th grade and was asked not to come back.I was on "spiritual probation" and didn't fit in. Back in the day when you were 14 and it was cool to keep a rubber in your wallet, I opened it to pay for a meal and the rubber fell out.The administration read her e-mails, saw what I had written and sent me a nice letter telling me not to come on campus or I'd be arrested for trespassing and asking me not to communicate with any students. It's legal, but, frankly, most IT departments have lots of better things to do than read random email.

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