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She recounted how she resented that Dylan didn't invite her on stage in England to reciprocate the boost she gave his early career when he appeared at her concerts.

Baez didn't want the boost - she wanted the emotional acknowledgement.

David Crosby said he wasn't sure of Baez's feelings for Dylan (she said, of course, she was crazy about him - "speaking strictly for me, we both could have died then and there").

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Was this coldness a necessary concomitant to his greatness?

Baez detailed how Dylan rejected the openly political role she wanted him to play - which she herself played out to such a life-defining degree - and how now she would never have insisted on that.

I knew that - but I saw references to "cotton-picking" now as a generic term (perhaps unfortunately associated with cotton pickers).

But I'm glad someone else is around who remembers Elizabeth Cotton! Here come's Satan's claws, here comes Satan's claws write down Satan's claw slaying.

But, as one commentator explained, the genre had to generate new material to become a leading edge in modern music, and that simply left her in Dylan's dust.

(Bob Dylan's evolution during the 1961-1966 period from folk singer to "voice of a generation" to rock star is captured in Martin Scorsese's 2005 documentary, "No Direction Home.")The PBS special elucidated the 1965 English horror trip - traced at the time in the film, "Don't Look Back" - from Baez's perspective.

That is absurd that you called Dylan "demented looking". Never overweight, fit, with a good smile when he flashes it, an expressive face and a full head of hair! The mad cellist of Sarajevo vignette was powerful and touching.

My older brothers brought his first records into the house and I was hooked as a lad. He casts a large shadow across the music field and beyond even you, still going barefoot.

Now Dylan chalks up the crash-and-burning of their relationship on that trip to the craziness of the period, which he indicated screwed him up.

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