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However, the real star of this film is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jason Miller as Father Damien Karrass.

He doesn’t go through any major traumas, like Burstyn or Blair, but his pain is evident as is his frustration and despair over losing his faith.

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The first film, Repulsion, was about sexual desire and its effect on the mind—in this case, psychosis.

Rosemary’s Baby is the next logical step: the sexual awakening’s affect on traditional gender roles.

The tense atmosphere in this movie is scarier than the actual Satanic rituals that permeate through the final half-hour. A priest, a professor, and a group of students all come together to examine the cylinder; after reading the text found with the cylinder, they discover that the liquid is actually Satan himself.

This movie capitalizes on the mystery surrounding Satanists and Satanic rituals: What’s really going on? Little by little, small jets of liquid escape the cylinder and infect the students one by one, making them become possessed.

It seems that the children born of mothers who have control and pursue their desires will, of course, be the spawn of Satan.

Rosemary’s isn’t faced with the horror of realizing her child is demonic, as in The Omen, but instead is faced with the consequences of her sinful ways.The Exorcist is a movie with heavy special effects; in the 70s, what a demon looked like was scary enough.Today, we’ve all seen The Exorcist—we know what a demon looks like.Eventually, the cylinder opens fully and the remaining liquid is absorbed into the body of one of the students, who then becomes the bodily vessel for Satan: a gruesome, telekinetic, disfigured being who has the powers of regeneration.He then attempts to bring the Anti-God (who is more powerful than Satan) through a dimensional portal using a mirror.The girlfriend of one of the possessed students overpowers the vessel and the mirror is shattered, trapping Satan in another realm. We never know: Carpenter cuts the film to black right before the moment of truth. Demons (1985) A “Dario Argento Presents” feature (like “Quentin Tarantino Presents Hostel”), Demons is one no-holds-barred, punk rock horror movie.

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