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Now friends reveal to Daily how she has remade his diet with 'wellness shakes' she promoters herself and he has swapped his wardrobe for linens and slim-fitting outfits.

One of his friends told Daily he asked him: 'Brian, how did this happen?

Center from left, Jose Taveres, Santiago Rodriguez, Daniel Fernandez, Manuel Rivera.

Trump said he told Putin directly that 'We can't have any of that' when it comes to Russian interference with the U. The first lady, 48, and her husband, 72, gave their respects to the family of Special Agent Nole E.

Remagen, who died in Scotland while supporting their overseas trip.

It reversed a finding by a juvenile court judge in Lawrence County, upheld by a state appellate court, that Brown was guilty of first-degree murder and homicide of an unborn child.

The court said prosecutors had not provided enough evidence to support it.

WARNING: GRAHPIC CONTENT Charlotte Murphy, 21 (left), from Essex, Vermont, said she was driving with her boss on July 2 when they pulled over on the side of the road because she needed to use the bathroom.

Her legs accidentally brushed up against wild parsnip.

Coming into contact with the plant releases a sap onto the skin, which when exposed to the sun, causes severe burns anywhere from to 24 to 48 hours later.

One week later, yellow, pus-filled blisters formed on her legs (inset), sending her to a burn specialist.

Previously it was thought that Lesandro was killed in a case of mistaken identity and that he had been captured on camera having sex with a gang leader's female relative.

The suspects are pictured top row from left, Luis Cabrera Santos, Gabriel Ramirez Concepcion, Elvin Garcia, Kevin Alvarez.

Trump is seen inset with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

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