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This kind of things don't happen every day but once in a blu moon.

However it was a very difficult choice because my friends told me until there were blue ein the face il could be very risky and they wanted to prevent me fron doing it.

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Needless to say, it was a once in a blue moon though. So we had started to beg him to didn't do it until we was blue in our faces. Actually, it was a bolt form the blue that this video was so useful.

Our company got a huge order from the local Shipyard. The goverment decision to impose service taxes came as bolt from the blue. Just once in a blue moon we can find such an easy way to memorize these expressions, without the teacher having to repeat them until he is blueing the face.

Last year,in September it was a rainy day the lottery sellers had so many slack lotteries and the lottery sellers kept their slack lotteries and at 4.30 pm they won those lotteries. i love my sister, really.sometimes i don't put up with her attitude, but we quarrel once in a blue moon, just like last week when she said me she'd like to do a tatoo it was exactly a bolt from the blue!! I wanted to marry a girl whom i loved but i couldnt tell my mom.

Suddenly the next day my mom came and told me that she has fixed my engagement to her so it was a bolt from blue to me.

Thank you very much for your lessons you make the english quite easy to memorize speacially with your exprission.

At 10 o'clock Last night , It was raining , I was watching a good football match on TV, Suddenly I heard a big noise in my TV with light , fire and terrible smell thenmy TV did not work because of the lighting and thunder : It is a bolt from the blue.* In Vietnam, there are so many people sell lottery, and people buy them everyday.

Because Jenny and Rachel grew up together, they are like two peas in a pod. Furthermore, Jenny found that Rachel's boyfriend, Carter was also her boyfriend after Rachel brought Carter to go home. Kindergarden kids are so mischievous that you shout to make them quiet until you are blue in the face.

The twins didn't want to share their boyfriend with each other, so they fought for this thing for so long. Being friends with someone is good, but it's like a bolt from the blue when they betray you. The airplane accident from Brazil with destination to France was a bolt from the blue.

Two years ago, my father had a heart attack, it was a bolt from the blu for me and my family, because he's a young man (he's 50 years old) and he has always had an excellent health: he was ill once in a blue moon!

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