Ben moody and amy lee dating

This caused Phil to start drinking again, worried that Butcher would go to the police over the car lot scam.

Grant had a thuggish side, and even Phil showed thuggish tendencies but usually was more level headed. In 1992, Grant became increasingly moody and unsupportive of his new wife Sharon.

Phil comforted her and one time slept with her, something he regretted.

Nadia returns and made life hell - as she seduced Phil, which he denied.

Phil had wanted to marry Kathy that year but in order to do that, he needs a divorce from Nadia.

Just feet away, Rod Norman and Harry Osbourne were sat in the Square gardens. 29 year-old Phil made his first appearance in Albert Square, buying the mechanics, The Arches.

Him and Grant have a brief fling with Julie Cooper. But though he's untouchable as the guvnor of Albert Square, he does have an Achilles heel - family. He and brother Grant ruled the Square, while grand matriarch Peggy looked on proudly. Originally the friendlier and calmer of the Mitchell bruvs, keeping Grant in check, and preferring to resolve problems with enemies through mind games instead of Grant's approach of sheer violence, in the end, lifes knocks turned Phil badder and madder, even Grant wrecked his life before emigrating and Phil then took on Grant's bad boy mantle. It's a reflection of his ability to cover his tracks, silence witnesses, and of his trusted briefs' knowledge of legal loopholes that Phil's only been in prison a few times.Frank later legged it after the insurance man saw his business accounts which would have shown Frank was broke and the fire was arson.Phil started drinking and confessed to Grant and Kathy but Grant told him to stop drinking.They sleep together, but she chooses to stay with Grant.

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