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His trusted friend, Jewel the unicorn, sits with him as they discuss rumors that Aslan had come to Narnia. The confusion is fueled by the appearance of a dryad.Their joy is great at hearing the news, though it is hard to believe that He has finally come. She pleads with Tirian to save the living trees in Lantern Waste, which are being felled by Narnians for sale to the Calormenes.Puzzle does not like the idea but is convinced that he is not clever enough to see the benefit of such an idea.

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Again, Puzzle protests, feeling that Aslan would be quite upset to see him dressed in a lion's skin, but he is powerless to deny the ape his will.

Puzzle dons the skin and, though not completely convincing in daylight, he does present a satisfactory illusion in dim firelight or moonlight.

Puzzle has been convinced that he is not a clever donkey and that Shift should make all decisions in every matter of life.

As the two sit, a strange object rolls over the falls falling into Caldron Pool.

Puzzle would pretend to be Aslan and Shift would tell him what to say.

Three weeks later the King of Narnia, Tirian, is sitting outside of his hunting lodge to escape the formality of Cair Paravel.

Often created when an Expanded Universe claims to be "official" and thus canonical, but is ignored by the primary canon.

If there a Word of God, however, then what Word of Dante does get produced is just as likely as Fanon to be Jossed at some point. May also help create Misaimed Fandom if the Dante's ideas contradict true canonicity or Word of God.

Also related is the Death of the Author, a concept from the field of literary criticism which states that all theories about a work (regardless of their source) can be equally valid. If Word of Dante ever becomes canonical, it's Ascended Fanon.

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