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You can probably tell I’m a big fan of the Desire System.

I like it a lot, and there isn’t anything major I don’t like about the program. I will say, if you’re just looking for a few lines you can memorize and use on a girl you meet in a nightclub that will “guarantee” you get laid, then you won’t get that with this program.

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Some of his best include Make Women Want You and Money Lines.

He is damn entertaining and is a true master of flirting and being a challenge to women.

The Desire System course is a video recording of an exclusive closed-door workshop where David presents his revolutionary program to a select group of paying clients. The program includes the workshop recording, an audio version, transcripts, and slides which can be easily downloaded for offline review.

Offline is great if you’re not a big fan of sitting down to watch a series of videos, but I think you’ll miss out on a lot of incredible material if you skip out on the “visuals”.

The dude always has hot chicks wanting to get in his pants.

He’s the guy you hate at the bar because all the hot girls follow him around like lost puppies.If you’ve never heard or read any of Jason’s material, you’re missing out big time!Jason is the author of a lot of different programs.Creating sexual tension is the quickest way I know to get women irresistibly drawn to you. David also throws in a few extra perks to complement the main program.One I found extremely helpful is called “Endless Conversations” which teaches you an easy way to carry on conversations with women so you never run out of things to talk about.If you aren’t familiar with the Girlfriend Activation System, read my GFAS review right here.

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