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Language and communication: the official and national language is Azerbaijani, a language belonging to the same family as Turkish.

Please seek advice from your GP on effective anti malaria medication.

Medical care is only sufficient in the capital city Baku, particularly in cases of emergency.

The Caspian Sea has an area of 370,000 km² and is the largest „lake“ on earth with a wealth of natural oil reserves as well as the popular caviar from the sturgeons.

Climate and best time to visit: the best time to travel to Azerbaijan is between April and October.

Crude oil was already being used at that time to feed the temple fires and the largest oil reserve ever is to be found on the Apseron peninsula is near the capital, Baku.

Geography: Azerbaijan is on the European-Asian border and is largely determined by the Caspian Caucasus, which divides the country into two.

Arrival: Aeroflot regularly flies from London-Heathrow (LHR) to Baku (BAK).

Most connections involve a change or are code shares for example operated by Lufthansa, British Airways and Austrian Airline.

English is only spoken by the younger generation and by those involved in trade in the capital.

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