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So, I went to Macy's and got my BF a nice blue-and-white striped sweater.I was so excited for him to open it, but when he did, he looked freaked out. I made a joke about how stylish I thought his mom was, and we still laugh about it today." —Anna, 16, VA"One summer at my camp there was a new French camper who was so cute!I couldn't figure out what it was until I saw blood on his face, clothes, everywhere!

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I leaned over to kiss him and all of a sudden my nose started running. One day he was playing Xbox—instead of paying any attention to me—so I picked up his phone.

The first thing I saw was a text from his friend saying, 'Why not, you already cheated on her once.' The awkward part was I had to stay there for another day.

I stared at him for a second, horrified, and said, 'Um, I think I bled on you.' We both rushed to the bathroom to try to remove the stains.

When we finally cleaned ourselves off, he just smiled at me and shook his head.

He tried kissing me, but I didn't want to, so I turned my head and he got my cheek!

He said, 'That was awkward.' I had to say something, so I gave him a long explanation about how I had to get up really early the next morning!

I used humor to avoid the awkwardness and said, "I'm sorry! " —Rachel, 16, IL"I was in my boyfriend's room, lying with him on his bed with the lights off.

Suddenly his dad walked in, but he couldn't see me because I was on the other side of the bed. ' to make it less awkward, and that totally helped the situation."—Emily, 17, IL"I went to my crush's house to watch a movie, and got up to use the bathroom.

" —Anonymous "My boyfriend was making me feel guilty about being accepted to the school of my dreams because it was out of state—he should have taken me for a celebratory dinner!

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