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16, 1940, as well as men and women on active duty, surviving spouses and reservists.

To assist the Veteran between discharge and reemployment, the 1944 GI Bill also provided unemployment benefits of per week, for a maximum of 52 weeks.

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In 1811, the federal government authorized the first domiciliary and medical facility for Veterans.

Also in the 19th century, the nation's Veterans assistance program was expanded to include benefits and pensions not only for Veterans, but for their widows and dependents.

The United States has the most comprehensive system of assistance for Veterans of any nation in the world, with roots that can be traced back to 1636, when the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony were at war with the Pequot Indians.

The Pilgrims passed a law that stated that disabled soldiers would be supported by the colony.

Indigent and disabled Veterans of the Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, and Mexican Border period, as well as the discharged regular members of the Armed Forces, received care at these homes. By the 1920s, three different federal agencies administered the various benefits: the Veterans Bureau, the Bureau of Pensions of the Interior Department, and the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

The first consolidation of federal Veterans programs took place August 9, 1921, when Congress combined all World War I Veterans programs to create the Veterans Bureau.

In 1924, Veterans benefits were liberalized to cover disabilities that were not service-related.

In 1928, admission to the National Homes was extended to women, National Guard and militia Veterans. Hines, who had directed the Veterans Bureau for seven years, was named the first Administrator of Veterans Affairs, a job he held until 1945. Charles Griffith, VA’s second Medical Director, came from the Public Health Service and Veterans Bureau.

In 1946, Public Law 293 established the Department of Medicine and Surgery within VA, along with numerous other programs like the VA Voluntary Service.

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