Automatic updating of drivers devices portable

If the current driver software version is newer then the tool ignores the update and displays the following screen.

However, this option requires much time, since the tool isn’t very fast.

Since it maybe a complicated issue to track and search for the updates all the time, there exists software that can check all the drivers you’ve installed and update them without hassle.

If you've lost your driver discs, you're unable to find drivers on the manufacturer's web site or Windows Update can't configure your hardware, use this tool to quickly find and install all missing drivers.

If you're a PC technician, keep Snappy Driver Installer on your USB flash drive or external hard drive and take it with you wherever you go.

The device manager categorizes the system devices and represents them in a tree structure.

The Update driver software tool compares the current driver software version and install newer version.

Windows 7 can find and download two kinds of updates for devices connected to your computer: Driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware devices.

Without drivers, the devices you connect to your computer—for example, a mouse or external hard drive—won't work properly.

Some of the drivers are updated automatically by themselves or together with Windows OS.

There is also a default Windows updater tool which will fund the needed drivers for your devices on the Internet and help to install them.

Windows can automatically check if there are drivers available for new devices you connect to your computer.

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