Aum atichart is dating

Many people asked to have their picture taken with Pinky and Pinky gladly obliged.

Actress “Tik” Kanyarat Jiraruchakit also went to support Aum.

I get confuse and forced to scratch my head like a dumb monkey trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Aum even took Pinky to his grandmother’s funeral, Malinee Chumnanont, who passed away on September 20, 2008.

I’ll tell you when we’re ready.” So you’re not serious about being married a second time? We may get married, we may not, this year, next year, I don’t know.

It’s something that I can’t fully answer, we just have to wait until we’re sure.” If you had good news, are you worried about married life?

“Towards the end of the year last year we did one together, you’ll probably see it in February for Valentine’s Day.” Is there any shyness?

“A little bit, we’ve never done projects where we have to pose so it’s kind of funny.

Pinky was happy to meet Aum’s father for the first time and also his other family members.

Though she has never met Aum’s grandmother, she told the press or maybe the people there that she came to support Aum during his time of sorrow.I haven’t been writing about Aum Atichart and Pinky Savika lately because their relationship confuses me and I get bored reading, “we’re not together, he’s just my Pee Chai (older brother)” or for him, “She is just my Nong Sao (Little sister).” Oh please! Pinky and Aum caught kissing in Japan”, “Aum hitting on Margie Rasee”, “Pinky on the set of Badarn Jai to claim her man”, “Pinky’s mom upset over Aum’s tabloid news”, “Aum and Pinky race to find new giks (Thai slang for a person you are seeing but not officially dating)”, and now this “Aum takes Pinky to grandmother’s funeral”. Their relationship stories are very sporadic–one minute together, one minute broken up. The headline usually reads: “Aum is gay using Pinky as a cover up”, “Scandal!“Very strong.” (Laughs) “I’m happy, life right now is at a good place, going on continuously, there are things here and there but for the most part its regular.He’s a very good person and takes care of me well.” Seems like your relationship is more open than before. Start off being friends and get to know each other for a little while. I want a little bit more time, truthfully I’m not as excited about this topic because I already know the feeling. She is also a marvellous actress and had played in a drama Shai Yai Ruk which is popular among Thai peoples.

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