Asian men dating white women

And, warns Shinagawa, all intermarriage still is not equal.He claims the typical Asian man will not gain an equal level of acceptance from marrying white as his Asian female counterpart would. Does it bring greater approval from the Asian family? It brings no greater regard from any side." Because of that, Shinagawa says, divorce rates for interracially married Asian men are much higher than those for Asian women.Asian-Americans in interracial relationships risk being labeled "white-washed" or "race traitors" by members of their own community.

In New York's hyperhip East Village, the ubiquitous presence of Asian males has almost become its own cliche.

Chang says Asian men are the next "trophy boyfriends." Rosevear agrees.

Shinegawa expects the trend to continue, and researchers are eagerly awaiting this year's census to confirm what they suspect is an even greater speed-up.

At the same time, the media are redefining their image of Asian-American men, a group previously labeled as weak, sexless and unable to offer the status and security that white men could.

Adding it up, it occurred to her that guys who fit the bill were ...

Asian, a group she'd never considered romantically before. "You look just like Astro Girl." Rosevear, a big fan of the Japanese anime character, replied, "I love Astro Girl! On the surface, this little love story isn't so remarkable.

" asks sociology professor Rebecca Chiyoko King of the University of San Francisco.

Now, however, a new wave of Asian actors and action heroes--Chow Yun Fat, Rick Yune and Jet Li--are showing that Asian stars can be objects of lust as well as the next guy.

Then prompted to mock how even black women won't find Asian men attractive. Goldsmith eventually became the associate editor of through several music festivals and through her work at the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra.

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