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For newly elected President of South Korea, Bae Joohyun.

There are many bodygaurds in her employ to protect and keep her safe.

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Not bothered by the rumors, Wu Chun brought Nei Nei to the salon opening for a haircut.

Both Jiro and Calvin praised Wu Chun’s parenting style.

” The media took the chance to grill Ekin on his marriage life.

Ekin said, “Life after marriage is not that different.

From being betrayed, used and thrashed, she’s learned not to make the same thing happen again. Will you just ignore and continue what the present has given to you?

And if she does, she’s vowed to herself never to love once again even if it meant living alone forever. Then one day, she was gone, only for him to realize that the love he always wanted and needed was just right in front of him, only, he chose to ignore it. Thank you for your concern, but this is a private matter.I can only say that I am happy.” Responding if he had any baby plan, Ekin said, “I have not thought about it.” Saving General Yang will be hitting the theatres on 4 April 2013 across Asia.Ella Declines Getting Wu Chun to Teach Malay Songs During the press conference, Ella appeared “almost expressionless” and unhappy throughout.Hearing this, Selina and Hebe immediately looked proud and arrogant, causing a funny sight.“We often had steamboat during the filming rest days. After this movie, I have also learnt to take care of my body and exercise more often.

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