Are quinn and rachel dating

Quinn is shown as very intelligent and athletic, as well as having great emotional depth and talent in gymnastics, dance, acting, and singing. It is also revealed that Quinn's real name is Lucy Quinn Fabray and she used to be bullied for being fat, and eventually decided to have a nose job.

And since Akron is basically a slightly-smaller Cleveland, it's also unlikely for Carmel High to have such an outregeous budget for its glee club.

She is then seen singing Somebody to Love with the Glee club.

Most notably was any Finn story lines occurring past season 4, since between season 4 and 5 Cory Monteith passed away.

Blame It on the Alcohol In Do You Wanna Touch Me Oh Yeahwhen Holly Holliday points at them, they look at each other as if they're silently agreeing to join her in singing, after first having doubts if they should join as they are members of the Celibacy Club.

We'd just won Regionals when you got in your accident.""What…what happened? Puck and Sam were Mc Kinley High's most eligible bachelors.

She'd managed to convince the glee club to give Rachel some space for a few days while the shock wore off. "How about you ask me questions, and I'll answer them. You're my little star and I'm your crazy Cheerio."Rachel giggled. "Quinn snorted the water she'd just taken a sip of. After that, the gay panic calmed and we got closer again until you planted one on me one night when we were watching Aladdin.""A Whole New World? She wasn't sure if Rachel had actually remembered, or just guessed based on the fact that that was something she'd find romantic.

”But if there’s one thing season 2 of , I was a major Quinn/Rachel shipper. Not sexual — , is a master of human psychology who can manipulate anyone into an emotional pretzel.

I was bummed, though not for long: A way more interesting flavor of romance was rising to the surface.

She would have laughed if it hadn't been so insane. He t-boned your car when you were driving back from school. It had been three weeks since she'd woken up, and her memory was coming back—just more slowly and sporadically than she'd hoped. They'd put together two scrapbooks for her to help her remember, and Brittany had helped her keep track of things for her memory notebook. Of all the stuff to remember…."Rachel laughed as Quinn sat next to her on the bed.

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