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He just looks right into my one good eye and mutters some crap about riches in heaven and whatnot and when I start to call bullshit on that he just whips out his huge fuckin jesus cock and shoves it in my mouth. Now I fucking start flight school in Florida in two weeks. They stab each other at football matches and then blame the authorities for not stopping them!! Trouble is, they've gone backwards over the next few thousand years!

I kind of stared at him and when he looked over I told him, "It's a shame doctors can't find a way to get your arm hair and put it on your head". Just when I think he was going to say something back the nurse opened the door and called his name. A good read on the terrorist's "He said the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and one of its splinter groups, the Islamic Jihad Union, both have recruited Chechen, Turks and other non-Arab Muslims to fight with them against U. But he cautioned against making any assumption at this point that the bombing suspects were recruited and/or trained by foreign terror organizations."What happened (in Boston) is within the capability of two relatively sophisticated, homegrown individuals," Kohlmann said.

"These two people seem to have come out of nowhere."David Schanzer, a terrorism expert at Duke University, said the attack appeared to be "homegrown" and that the suspects appear unsophisticated and without ties to or training from international terrorist groups."The fact that they needed to rob an ATM to get money (suggests) they didn't get large amount of outside funding.

Then I would hand it over to my eldest son, like an inheritance.

Anyone out there with similiar interests, male or female?

They had no escape plan to leave the country," Schanzer said.

"These are hallmarks of people who are not particularly sophisticated. They seemed to be making this up as they go along."Several links have been identified between Chechen guerrillas and al-Qaeda, according to an analysis by the Council on Foreign Relations.

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