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Because in less than 24 hours our world was going to be turned upside down. The doctor and nurses were talking to about my thoughts on social media and teenagers while they were pulling Noah out of Abbie. I grabbed Abbie’s hand and repeated a conversation that went something like this: “Are you ok? At a few minutes past ten pm our pediatrician (who was a friend and former co-worker of my wife’s during her medical residency) walked through the door, sat down, hugged Abbie, and asked me if I wanted to come over and sit near Abbie. Our family excused their self from the room, and we sat there with our pediatrician on that small hospital bed in silence. Since my wife is a pediatrician they didn’t want her to self diagnose her own baby.

As we dined on ten-dollar enchiladas, our little Noah was just hanging out in his mother’s womb waiting to come out and meet us. ) our OBGYN came in and said that we had options; 1) Keep trying for another twelve hours, (or longer) or 2) perform a C-section. I couldn’t believe my wife and I were finally about to meet this little boy we had waited so long to meet. I was sitting next to my mom on the couch, exhausted, and just wanted to see our precious little boy. My mother in little brother were also wondering what was happening. All of the whispering in the post-op room was the hospital staff trying to figure out how to contact our pediatrician this late on a Wednesday evening.

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The excitement of becoming a parent was like a child waiting for santa the night before Christmas… Each night wondering if this could be the night he arrives! And you feel sad for them, but in your mind you are thinking about how glad you are that happened to them and not you…I don’t think I could handle something that. In our case Noah stayed lying down and they rushed Abbie past the newborn nursery windows very quickly. I kept going back and forth to the nursery to stare at our little baby. Cue the balloons, bubble gum cigars, and sparking apple cider…was about to be a party! She had thought Abbie had already known, which was why she was surprised that I didn’t come sit by my wife when she had asked me to, and also why she didn’t ask for our family to be excused before giving us the Down syndrome diagnosis.

On December 14, 2010 we went into the OBGYN for a check up, and found out my wife’s blood pressure was a little high. Sometimes I get scared and I think that God is going do something like that to me since I’m a communicator. I sure hope not though, I really don’t think I could handle it. We are so blessed that all of his sonograms and everything are perfect. This was our first time to have a child, so just figured it was par for the course. After an hour had gone by and our son still hadn’t been brought into our room I started to become very impatient. She went on to say she had listened to his heart (which is a major medical concern for a baby born with Down Syndrome) and didn’t hear anything wrong with it. Harder then we had every wept about anything ever before.

I couldn’t believe my wife was carrying around another human life inside of her. We had a blast the next ten preparing for Noah’s arrival. As the nurse and I wheeled Noah down the hallway to the nursery, we passed the waiting room where our family had been waiting. At least that’s what always happened in the movies. It was always when my wife (his daughter) had to leave their house (out-of-state) after a vacation or holiday to head back home. It was two men weeping from the depths of their soul. But there in that hospital hallway, for what seemed for hours, two grown men held each other and wept. We all finally calmed down and started to catch our breath. There is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling a parent has the first time they hold their new-born baby.

Baby showers, parties, getting the nursery ready, (We even painted it ourselves! They all ran out to grab a quick glimpse of our beautiful little boy. I took my father and mother in law in one at a time in to see their daughter in the post-op room. I was busy using my cell phone to take pictures of the LCD screen of my DSLR camera so I could text Noah’s first picture out to all of my friends. ) As my wife’s medicine was wearing off she was shaking and acting funny, and it scared me. The nurses were huddled up in our post-op room whispering with more water-cooler talk, and finally our OBGYN came in. (It’s amazing how the entire direction and course of your life can change in a matter of minutes.) After about fifteen minutes had passed the sound of the metal lock opening on that large wooden hospital door sounded louder than it ever had before. ) And through that door walked a nurse pushing a small, rolling, clear plastic crib with our son quietly (and cutely) resting inside. And as hard as I’m sure it was for her, she made good on that promise.

) reading the mommy bargain books, and of course picking out the cutest new-born outfits on the planet! The nurse took my camera and snapped a few pictures of Noah on the scale, and said she would have Noah up in our room with us in about an hour! She said We were then asked about five times what the name of our pediatrician was. They wheeled Abbie past the nursery (very, very quickly) so she could look her little boy again, on the way to her hospital room. It was like the wind was knocked out of me…times a million. To be honest, in that moment I really had no idea what I was weeping about. He only wanted one thing at this point in his life. I’ll never forget the second they handed my wife our sweet son Noah. It sounds weird, but I could see the love in her heart on her face.

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