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If she’s not replying in the timely fashion that you want, texting her again and again, won’t get her to reply any faster.

So, if she doesn’t reply either wait for her to reply, or write her the next day.

He didn’t really smile, so I was thinking maybe he wasn’t into me.

I wondered if he was expecting me to be hotter or something.

Of the matches, black men were the most interested, making up the majority of my list.

Load 2018-1 I know I’ve been really really horrible about maintaining this blog.

Make sure the questions can be answered in a couple sentences, that way, it’ll get her talking and the conversation flowing.

Trust me, if we want to send you a picture, we’ll do it on our own.#11 At least pretend that you’re busy.

Don’t go chasing her down.#7 Don’t tell her you like her.

Plus, closed questions are usually boring to answer.

If you’re always sitting on the couch playing video games, that doesn’t sound like a turn on.

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