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Howard thanked the guys and asked the dentist if he knows Darth Nihilus.

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He said that people can put in an application if they want to join that guild.

They can kick people out of they don't behave themselves.

They also have a show called ''Beat the Booey'' that will be coming up on Howard TV exclusively.

Robin started her news with a story about music producer Lou Pearlman getting sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Mutt said they'd be talking about the new show that's coming up tomorrow and what people can expect from that new show. Howard got in a few plugs before Robin started her news.

He said that they have the latest Bowling Beauties up on Howard TV.Howard asked if that's one of those games that Scott De Pace plays.Gary told Howard to play a clip of some guys playing that game that they've had for a while.Steve said that Blue Iris had a 7 pound tumor removed from her uterus. He mentioned that she knew something was wrong when she started spot bleeding.Steve said that they also have a story about reporter Ira Glass talking about how Howard's show is the happiest show on radio.He said that it's like he's never done that before and wondered why the staff didn't have microphones in there. One of the guys didn't want to be on the air so he passed on talking at all.

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