Ang dating daan radio station dating irelamd

3) Aerial Photography – if you love taking photos, why not level up to a professional level and invest a DSLR camera?

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Ang dating daan radio station

you bought your school supplies from CID Educational Supplies you bought your fabrics from Tiong San Bazaar you bought your imported ingredients from D & S Fine Foods you went to Tea House for coffee and siopao you went to see movies at Pines Theatre you went to Gold Mine Disco at Hyatt Terraces for night outs you think that the best chinese restaurant in town is Rosebowl Restaurant the only grocery store you remember is Sunshine Grocery you had your photos developed at Pines Studio you remember where the politicians meet for coffee and you know where to buy the best Sans Rival did I forget anything???

Making a living in the Philippines can be hard if you are only looking in one direction, and that is, employment.

The answer to that are radio controlled airplanes, helicopters and quadcopters.

Cameras are mounted to those R/C aircraft to take aerial shots.

What I can say is, it is a gamble and you are not sure if you will succeed or not. But on the contrary, if you are courageous enough, has lots of confidence, passion and optimism to succeed, here are the 20 businesses ideas you can choose: 1) Online affiliate marketing – do you wonder why there are many websites and blogs on the internet? If you are a blogger and only using free hosting sites like or Word, you might not think of any monetary gain because blogging is free.

But if you are paying for the hosting and have your own domain name registered with a annual fee, then you might as well think on how to earn money through your blog to pay for the expenses.You can use social networking sites such as facebook to promote any of your products you want to sell or other people’s products and gain commissions.2) Online selling business – online selling doesn’t require anyone to be a computer geek in order to sell online.The more visitors a blog has, the more chances of earning money.There are also other ways you can use to gain traffic or visitors without having any websites or blogs.But before you enter in that profession, you need to know photography and flying those drones.

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