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¿Estás en busca de tus tiendas favoritas al ir de compras en San Juan, o simplemente deseas saber cuáles son tus alternativas en el centro comercial más grande de Puerto Rico?

Con más de 300 establecimientos para escoger, PLAZA es más que un centro comercial en Puerto Rico.

Oz joins the school jazz choir to find a girlfriend.

Nadia discovers Jim's pornography collection and while half-naked sitting on his bed masturbates to it.

Jim is persuaded to return to his room, where he joins Nadia, unaware that he has sent the webcam link to everyone on the school list.

Jim is oblivious to his father walking in; Noah walks out and starts dancing.

In the film, the town is called "East Great Falls", and the high school sports the same school colors — blue and gold — along with a similar mascot — the Trailblazers instead of the Pioneers.

As a Zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, we live up to a high standard of animal management and care, as well as a devotion to including conservation in our mission and day-to-day duties and interactions.

As part of our commitment to conservation, we have established and implemented a variety of initiatives to ensure species survival and habitat maintenance as well as to inform and educate the general public on ways they can contribute.

Five high school seniors from East Great Falls High in West Michigan are good friends: Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs), an awkward, nerdy and sexually naïve whose dad Noah (Eugene Levy) offers him pornography and unwanted sexual advice; Chris "Oz" Ostreicher (Chris Klein), on the school lacrosse team; Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas), a virgin and somewhat nerdy leader of the group seeking to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Vicky (Tara Reid); Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a mochaccino-drinking sophisticate and nerd; and Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott), a raucous jock who often throws wild parties when his mother is away, and is the only one of the five who has lost his virginity.

Dorky classmate, Chuck Sherman (Chris Owen), claims that at a party hosted by Stifler he lost his virginity.

Kevin prompts Oz, Finch, Jim, and Kevin to pledge to no longer be virgins by their high school graduation.

Vicky accuses Kevin of wanting her only for sex, and he has to repair their relationship before the senior prom night, now the target day the four plan to lose their virginity.

He soon wins the attention of Heather (Mena Suvari), a girl in the choir. breaks up with him, then learns to trust him when he leaves the lacrosse championship to perform a competition duet with her.

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