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We must communicate the full menu of available recovery options, so people and their practitioners can craft the best path forward.

We must communicate the remarkable stories of recovery to give hope to those in distress.

But at the break, a peer support specialist spoke with me. Rather, they suggest exercising informed caution if you choose to use them.

The risk/reward profiles of these drugs are much more questionable than their ubiquitous prescribing might indicate.

And sometimes a minor incremental stressor can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and ushers in a crisis of mental distress.

Here is a conceptual view of the web of causation, highlighting factors shown in research to be associated with mental distress.

Three infographics summarize research on psychiatric drugs, and one asserts why I think Integrative Mental Health is the best path available for mental health recovery. The FDA tell us that the advantage of antidepressants over placebo for treating depression is razor thin; so small, in fact, that most people can’t tell the difference.

To gain this small advantage people must accept antidepressants’ side effects, risks, and limitations which can be significant. But prescribing guidelines say their use should be restricted to very short durations.

It isn’t surprising that most carry the strictest FDA warning, a black box.

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