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I don't know what to do to make sprockets align when facing each other. Hello Artem, first I would like to congratulate you on a first class comprehensive forum. Its kinda strange because everything I have read says it's at that location however the same sources all say its a 10mm bolt. i have a 1998 audi a4 quattro 2.8 v6 and a pulley fell off.

So, I guess there is no harm in trying the sensor first. Wish I could post a photo..has both the sensor and this wierd plug in the same frame. i believe it would be the tenisoner pulley since it is at the top, small, and different than the rest.

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This guide will also show you how to replace the water-pump and thermostat.

With the carrier out of the way, loosen the tension on the serpentine belt by rotating a 17mm wrench clockwise and remove the belt.

Then I cut TB and installed the bar to prevent sprocket spin. Im unclear/not sure if it anchors something in the crankcase. However the spot for this sensor is where this suspicious hex plug about the size of a nickel is located. I do not want to pull the hex as I don't know if serves a purpose inside the crankcase.

The guy skipped a step and for that reason when I went to loosen bolt on sprocket it rotated. To the right of it about 6 inches and down a little close to the flywheel is what I assuming is the Crank Sensor. It certainly doesn't serve a purpose on the outside of the block.

The hydraulic dampener on this A4 failed after less than 30,000 miles - lucky for me there was no valve damage.

So, unless you enjoy changing your timing belt every year, spend a little more for quality parts.

I finally check for a third time and realize that the hydraulic tensioner takes care of the alignment in a way too...since it advances the chain a hair when it lifts up and everything lines up perfectly he is up and running perfectly fine now..

Thank you It is pretty important if you want the timing to be correct.

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the marks line up.

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