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In this scene, a toga-clad John Belushi becomes so annoyed with a folk singer whining out “The Riddle Song” that he snatches the minstrel’s acoustic guitar and smashes it against the wall hard enough to destroy it (and make Pete Townshend proud) before handing the remains back with a sheepish “Sorry”.

The difference between artistry and parody here is that this band (led by the duo of Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos) is so remarkably passionate about this reconstruction of these sounds that they never quite pass the borderline into silliness.

This leads directly into the misleadingly titled “Let’s Get High” which is actually about being “high on love”, a flowerchild-like singalong with just enough modern day profanity to break the illusion that this is a true and legitimate throwback.

The lovey-dovey repetition of “Let’s Get High” carries over to the third track, “Two”, with the refrain of “two voices carry farther than one”.

This song is enticing and catchy, with lyrics somewhere between “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and a choral chorus that brings back the churchy, revival feel of earlier tracks.

With Motown, the Beatles, Nat King Cole and Pink Floyd covered, “They Were Wrong” apes Leonard Cohen with just a dash of Nick Cave thrown into the mix.

There is quite a mix of musical genres and musical influences here which are consistently pleasing to the ear even and especially when the genres and influences take surprising turns and pop up where unexpected.

The album could use more featured songs for or duets with Jade Castrinos, whose voice, like Alex Eberts', is a highlight of the band itself.

The influences are as undeniable as they are obvious, yet Ebert’s voice hits new heights of Elvis-like crooning.

Ebert continues the low voice from “They Were Wrong” in the bass-heavy “In The Summer”, which feels, lyrically, like any old family-friendly summertime tune celebrating ice cream cones, television and plastic cups until the surprising inclusion of “masturbating to Miriam Makeba” in the list.

The piano lead guides the voices of Castrinos and Ebert through an ironic chorus of “come celebrate / Life is hard”.

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