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Date of publication: 19 July, 2018 The New Arab & agencies Hamas supports new Egyptian bid for Palestinian reconciliation deal The office of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said he had spoken with Egypt's intelligence head Abbas Kamel to inform him of his movement's backing for a fresh Egyptian-brokered push.The New Arab & agencies Turkey accuses Israel of 'apartheid' over controversial new law The legislation, adopted after a tumultuous Knesset session, makes Hebrew the country's national language and defines the establishment of ...This means there are people on the server but not enough that we have to deal with a queue to log in.

We are Alliance and Sith and more importantly we are a group of cool players who have a good time.

We really don't have a social or friend rank, everyone is a guild member and if you decide that you'd like to join a guild raid and meet all requirements, you are more than welcome to sign up for the raid!

The New Arab & agencies Saudi Aramco looks to buy stake in petrochemical firm The state-owned oil giant is looking to boost its petrochemicals portfolio to help attract investors ahead of its much-touted stock market ...

The New Arab Saudi Arabia and Kuwait agree to establish cooperation council Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have agreed to set up a bilateral cooperation council, following the establishment of a similar council between Saudi Arabia and the UAE in February.

If you're interested in raiding we have a flex raid group that raids Wednesdays 5-8 PST and Sundays 3-6 PST.

We are located on the Ursin Pv P server, a medium population server connected with Andorhal and Scilla.The New Arab & agencies Palestine delegation makes UN presentation despite US visa delays Alleged attempts by the US and Israel to scupper Palestine's efforts to present a report on poverty in the occupied territories have failed, when delegates made their presentation on Tuesday. COM has the largest collection of everything porno related in all of the interwebs.Personally I think that our guild's awesomeness more than makes up for the low pop issue. If you're a tank, dps, or healer and would like to raid with the second raid team on sundays from 5-8 pst, please feel free to app on our forum! Who: Tanks, DPS, Healers What: Second Raid Team needs you! =DDuring Wednesday night's Wo W raid, Ao A's raid team not only Killed Deathwing, we did it with plenty of time left in our raids scheduled block. /flex A big congratulations to everyone who has shown up each week and helped us progress this tier. We'll have to take a good look at our options and make that decision but I can guarantee you this: whatever we do, it will be a heck of a good time!When: Sundays 5-8 PSTWhere: Ursin-US-Pv PWhy: Because you're probably awesome and we're awesome and together we can be awesomer! And super big congratulations to Fuxi for getting the second stage legendary daggers! =DBoth our Wo W and SWTOR Guilds are currently recruiting new members.As is the case, Real Life has once again hit the guild and we are looking for more people to come hang out with us!

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