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Give yourself until, say, next Thursday to welter in misery.

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It's essential to remember that God works in strange ways.

Sometimes, He gives you the clarity that a relationship isn't meant to be. If you trust that God loves you, you'll want to go wherever He takes you and understand that the He's taking you there for a reason.

But in my heart, I was angry and felt manipulated by him. But I am now so glad for the break up, I could never have such a relationship and I feel it's unethical to carry on as such when there are minor children in the household.

As it turns out, he did not truly want a monogamous relationship as he now has a girlfriend he "swings" with. I cut contact entirely when the new info came to light.

He stil has a heart and cares for me that's why he's going to spend time with me on my birthday....

Help I'm a cancer and it's written on the stars I broke up last year from someone with kids.

Staring at the screen, I decided that I would be happy for him. After that, I was surprised to realize that I meant it.

With a breakup, tell yourself that you know it's for the best. That it's better it happened now rather than later down the road when you would have had more invested or, worse yet, if you had gotten married and ended up in a lawyer's office. As things start to become more clear -- and you see what was wrong with the relationship and what you should have done differently – identify areas you can work on.

This may not seem like a helpful thing to hear when you’re still smarting, but you have to intellectually acknowledge that you will take something positive out of the pain you’re feeling now, even if just now you haven’t the foggiest notion of what it is.

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