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On Jan 24, 2012, Sohee was dating rumored with 2AM's Seulong, but their proximity denied by their agency JYP Entertainment.

JYP Entertainment said they were just close friends, is not there a special relationship.

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But now, it seems one rumour has managed to escape the grip of his blackhole.

He has been rumoured to be dating Ahn Sohee, a former member of the Wonder Girls for about 1 year.

People like them would always want to stand out in terms of clothing, and the number 1 con for them is to have a DUPLICATE (someone w/ same style)!!

hence it poses a big question for all of us why they have such similar taste.its true that opposites attract, BUT its much better when you complement each are counterparts of each other.

When people first meet with Sohee, they'll think she has cold personality.

Though, she is a very friendly and humorous, all of which she say will always make those around him laugh.

im not much of an analyst, and i dont think anybody could actually decipher what he meant other than himself..

I also read a lot of blogs on how they interpreted his lyrics..honestly, i dont see their points,, (maybe im just an HD .) nevertheless, we can have our own version of analysis, and we can assume that we are unless GD says that that is the correct interpretation.i guess everyone can have their own interpretation!!

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