After updating kaspersky

All of these changes are enough to convince Kaspersky to withdraw its complaint.

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AV vendors also have access to early builds of Windows 10 through the Insider Program.

“This cadence of regular updates, along with the Windows Insider Program, affords our partners and customers much greater transparency and insight into the Windows development process than ever before,” said Lefferts.

Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene Kaspersky has accused Microsoft of using “underhanded tactics” to remove its product and enable the built-in Windows Defender program as the prime anti-malware product on Windows 10 PCs.

The chief problem, as Kaspersky has outlined, occurs when Windows 10 is updated.According to Lefferts, Microsoft has “doubled down” on helping AV vendors keep up with its own faster-pace updates in Windows 10.Kaspersky said it used to have months to adapt but now just has weeks.Microsoft has detailed how it handles antivirus in Windows 10 after claims by Kaspersky Lab that it disadvantages third-party antivirus.Antivirus vendors previously didn't regard Microsoft’s own anti-malware as competition, but that’s changed as Microsoft has doubled down on security in Windows 10, by hardening the operating system against attacks and improving its anti-malware Windows Defender.“To do this, we first temporarily disabled some parts of the AV software when the update began.

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