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a belief that people are meant for each other or not), with those of people who believed in "relationship growth" (e.g.a belief that relationships are developed with work over time).We will not contact you unless you tell us to and how you would like us to do that.

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soul mates) on the quality of actual relationships.

More particularly, he compared relationships of people who believed in soul-mates (e.g.

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Also, soul mate believers are often more anxious in relationships and less likely to forgive romantic partners (Finkel, Burnette, & Scissors,2007).

Overall, when the going gets tough with a partner, or requires work, soul mates tend to quit and look for the next "perfect" match.And anyway sometimes we just dont have the time to go through that dating stuff all over again.Or maybe you've lived with some-one but it just didnt turn out right.In other words, a belief that soul mates should be ideally compatible motivates individuals to just give up when a relationship isn't perfect. As a result, their relationships tend to be intense but short, often with a higher number of quick romances and one-night stands.People who believe in romantic growth (cultivation) primarily look for someone who will work and grow with them, resolving conflicts as they arise.You can opt in for free email advice sheets or you can purchase personal advice sessions from experts at affordable rates by using Skype for an advice session.

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