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#5 “No.” Whether you’re a boyfriend, a husband, or a dad, you probably have a habit of giving in to the princess in your life.That’s sweet and all, but there are definitely circumstances where you need to learn to put your foot down.To all the fellas out there: you might think you’ve got all the right moves, but there are always new tricks to be learned when it comes to schmoozing your lady love.

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It’s for this reason that, as smooth as you are, there are definitely some words you should be keeping in your boyfriend arsenal to keep your girlfriend smitten.

[Read: 50 irresistibly cute things to say to your girl] What every man should learn to say to their girlfriend Every word you utter to your girlfriend has the potential to be kept and treasured.

Let your girl have a lazy day in bed, and let her know you’re going to get it all done, no biggie.

To recap, the rules ranged from thinking outside the typical dinner-and-a-movie dating box to limiting those annoying, frequent phone calls and texts.

If your girlfriend isn’t the type to apologize herself, you may find that your stupendous example will set a pattern in the relationship for mutual respect. [Read: 17 super sweet ways to genuinely say you’re sorry] #2 “I thought about you today.” It’s just after noon at work, and you’re sitting down with a giant cup of coffee and your favorite snack.

Your lover knows it’s your lunch break, and suddenly, your phone lights up.

You receive a scantily clad picture of your beautiful girlfriend telling you she’s thinking about you. As stated in the onset, men and women prefer different kinds of affection. So women love words of affection, but they like the dirty stuff too *considering you’re already at that point in your relationship*.

While that might sound like a dream scenario for men, what women want to hear is that you’re actually thinking of them, not just their, uh, assets. If she sends a text and asks how your lunch is, respond with something cheeky like: “Not as delicious as your p*ssy ;)” You like hearing about how big, thick, and filling your penis is, right?

Here’s a sampling of what my readers had to say: “This was on point.

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