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Although he was hired as a stock boy, through a series of circumstances, he became the store’s display sign painter (the man who was hired for this purpose could not meet his deadlines, so Anderson asked the manager if he could complete the job).His work was found to be more than adequate and he was given a studio on the store’s fourth floor.

Construction of the anatomy was a painstaking course before the days of opaque projectors and art-o-graphs.

It was expected the student identify and draw every bone and muscle of the human figure.

He wanted to select an easy course to lighten the load of his difficult math classes. The career prospects for a mathematician seemed dubious, and that he truly enjoyed painting pictures.

By the end of his second semester, Harry’s paintings were beginning to show more ability than the work of his fellow art students.

Here, loosely yet care fully applied areas of paint, create the illusion of a real rug.

During WWII, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals ran ads showing American doctors and the demands the conflict put on their lives and those of their families.Brother Clarence, was an engineer, designing hydro turbines for the government.Sister Josephine would serve as Treasurer for the Denver School System, and brother William was an officer for the Internal Revenue Service who designed and implemented computerized tax systems for foreign governments.Painted for the August 3 1944, Good Housekeeping, this period piece displays all of the qualities of an Anderson picture: strong compositional storytelling, comprehensive dynamic light and reflected light, and high chroma hues which draw attention to points of interest.And although this painting appears slick in its portrayal of detail and information, look closely -- it is as loose as it gets.Not only will the clothes not hang properly, the gestures and posture are likely to be off balance.”Harry studied color theory and painting in his third and fourth years at Syracuse.

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