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Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources: Your page has 1 blocking CSS resources. None of the above-the-fold content on your page could be rendered without waiting for the following resources to load.

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According to traffic estimate, should earn about N/A per day from the advertising revenue, which implies that this website is worth about N/A.

Alexa Traffic Rank estimates that it is ranked number 0 in the world and less then 0.0001% of global Internet users are visiting on a regular basis.

Website hosting location for is: Montreal, QC, Canada.

Server IP address: 1.188 Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network.

Optimize CSS Delivery of the following: The following text on your page renders in a way that may be difficult for some of your visitors to read.

Use legible font sizes to provide a better user experience.

The string from the menu is written to the textfield but only calls the on Update when another change is made.

, I doubt it's possible to make those two behaviors coexist.

It will get fired even when copying/pasting in the text field.

See the following link for more information: Using the oninput event handler with onkeyup/onkeydown as its fallback.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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