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Tried a second time and it has caused yellow spots here and there. They were washed a couple times with a steam cleaner.....would that have taken anything of the finish off? I will say however that the Shark steam mop did not have the same effect so do not try with that one. I washed my floor on my hands and knees with amonia and water for 11 years and never had any dirt like this.

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I was on website that recommended a cleaner called Rejuvenate. Also would there be a build up of the Quik Shine on my floor. Hey Susan, check out the post that is 2 up from yours (by FAF laminate Pro).

I can't see that there is one but I am sure there would have to be. I would recommend the Bona Tile, Laminate, and Stone cleaner.

If you enter in FAFBKF in the checkout at online floor store, you will get free shipping on all your cleaning products. Started looking for other products and found nothing that made it look shiny.

I started using Quik Shine it it made it look amazing, but after reading that wax or anything else like that is not recommended. I hate how dull it looks but can't afford to replace it with something else.

We have contacted Bona so that we can direct flooring consumers to their product. THE CLEANERS THAT CAME IN PUT SOME SORT OF WAX OR POLISH ON OUR LAMINATE FLOORS. SUGGESTED BUT IT STILL LOOKS DULL AND SHOWES EVERY FOOT PRINT. WE DO NOT WANT TO MOVE OUR FUNITURE IN UNTIL THIS IS CLEAN. THANKS Did you try the 2 cups of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water to clean the wax off your laminate? Be careful not to get the laminate very wet and just use a damp cloth to do this followed by a dry towel to clean up excess moisture.

If you go to type in Bona Hardwood Floor Mop, you will be able to purchase the product. Don't forget to order the laminate cleaner with it. Bona fixes their prices, so that no matter where you purchase, you should get the same price. Then, try the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop kit with the Laminate cleaner cartridge. To purchase Bona you can do it online at companies like search for Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and be sure to get the Laminate Flooring cartridge which is like 8 or 9 dollars. I started with amonia and water but just left it dull.Spray it on give and it a few minutes to break down the wax. Got a lot of wax build up and now my floor is not shiny anymore.Using a scraper you will see how it will come off your floor without harming the finish. I've tried Minwax floor cleaner and it did a pretty good job.You can find me on most popular social websites under the user name "Mohatility" youtube | facebook | twitter | blogger | | Google page | Google Profile | | pinterest | hi5| myspace | tumblr | Webs etc...So you thought you could add some shine back to your laminate floors by waxing them, right? Waxing laminate is unnecessary and actually should be avoided because it leaves a build up which dulls the floor. There are several methods to remove the wax build up.But when you decide to use this flooring you must also make sure that you are aware of the no wax floor cleaner.... Susan, Please don't use Rejuvenate Lamainate floor cleaner. We used Orange Glo wood cleaner on our laminate floor clean and shine at the office many times. Srayed on windex,let it sit for a minute or two,then the credit card and dry with a soft towel. I had to remove several layers of rejuvenate floor restorer from my shaw laminate floors.

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