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Always stay in a gated, guarded hotel, and avoid Port Moresby altogether, if you can.

In fact, all of the hotels we stayed at (some in small towns) were very heavily guarded by men with guns, surrounded by fences, razor wire, guard dogs, the works.

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Walking through small villages (sticking close to our guide) my female friend and I experienced an unnerving feeling that we'd never encountered before, and both of us travel a lot.

The village men all looked us us as if they thought we might be very tasty meal (and I mean that not in a cannibalistic sense, but in a sexual sense).

A black PNG woman we met told us that outside her village, she was too terrified to travel. ("Wantok" is Pidgin for "One Talk" -- i.e., people who speak the same language.) Which in reality translated to the fact that she was afraid of violence against her in any community outside her village.

It is nothing short of an understatement to say that PNG fosters an extremely violent culture.

He smiled, shook his head and remarked that "you don't come to Papua New Guinea unless you have a very strong belief in Jesus Christ." A part of the problem for white tourists is many of the people in PNG view the whites as being categorically rich, and thus having the solution to their problems.

There is a bit of a "cargo culture" mentality there; another friend who went to PNG in 2007 landed in Ambua and her plane skidded on the slippery runway.If you can't find the murderer, then it's fair game to kill another of the murderer's family members (brother, sister, child, etc.) It happens all the time.On the flight to Ambua we met a group of Doctors without Borders doctors who explained to us some of the work they were doing.Every single day we collected extreme stories of violence, abuse, rape and death.A white helicopter pilot we met said that someone shot at his chopper with a rifle and nearly brought it down a few years ago, missing a critical engine component by 1/4".I will never, ever forget that feeling, because in was utterly frightening.

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