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It may be that Billy Casper, Cupit's partner in the second round Friday, spilled the beans. "Jacky's swing is more orthodox now, more compact," added Casper. Burchell, 54, confirmed their early retire Sacramento airport with 19-year old Lee Meyers, her husband of two months who pitches for the Crushers of Lodi. "I'll see Lee Ditch for the first By LEW FERGUSON ST. (AP) -Jacky Cupit has been teasing sports writers with talk about changes in his game which he says are responsible (or the 11-under par 131 he carried into the third round of the Minnesota Golf Classic today.

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His sprint car hits the rail at Eldora, Ohio, Speedway and flipped end over end. PH I University of California's Ed- Stangel'i Super Valu 34Vi Wolfe's 34 pfinr missine n twn-fnntpr.

Koeppel's 3a v3 Subway Ride Today we visited Boston to do some shopping on our own. and wards Track Stadium, a meet We rode the subways.

Only bogoys time Saturday night," the new Martlnli tti Swlveli 34Vi Cherrin 32V4 Badger Freight Wavi ...31 0m Lm Ms ft, Subs , ,.38' A BERKELEY, Calif.

Cupit's success wasn't hard to pinpoint Friday. He hit seven birdie putts, including taps from 25, 22, 18, 15 and 12 feet.

Harada, wife of the Lodi team's Japanese general manager.

"Mv base of oneratinns is FAIRVIIW THURSDAY LIASUI Standings .

"You'll be in condition so you won't get tired doing the dishes." Charlotte Cook, a pert 18-year old who has smashed the American records in both the 440 and 880, declares, "Track guarantees a good figure." You wouldn't guess by looking at her that Ra Nae Bair rates as the best woman javelin thrower in the United States. Meyers, a "southpaw with a 1-1 record, starts against Reno in the second game of a doubleheader.

For women track stars these days are feminine, not the prototype of the bulgy muscled gals associated with the sport in the past. Miss Van Doren stepped off the plane in a low-cut pink summer dress and accepted a bouquet of roses from Mrs.

Gene Littler came the closest to catching Cupit, netting siock engagement in Ohio and will spend most of the perience and the first for the Wolff's Drugs 7Vi, Stengel's Super Valu Following the lead of Russia, most of us. It's almost terrifying." Quadruplets Born to French Teacher AGEN, France (AP) Mrs. was unfair, nn H "Unfair to the ath- man from Beverly where I stay -good for a 36-hole total of 133 declared. He asked what we do for entertainment besides look at cows.

Sally Jirovitz, one J'ij Amfore's 'i. Guetscnow's J'i; St, By HELEN SCHOMISCH traveling the California League Jo Club 7"j. Bernard Sapparart, 31-year-old schoolteacher in nearby Madail-lan, gave birth Friday to quadruplets in Agen Hospital, and all were reported doing well today. Sapparart already had one son, Ar-naud, born two years ago. The people think of Wisconsin as a dairy state but they seem to know very little else of our Several live on farms which Poland actually voted not to Casper and Bobby Nichols were tied for third at 134. pitched a perfect inning of relief Friday night as the St.

Delores, Charlotte and Ra Nae all compete this weekend in the All American Invitational at the T-Squiri 13' Rtivtti Swivels i'-i. fannv Ff Welland, who is deputy chief of operations at Canadian forces headquarters, declined to give the reason for his request.

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