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As the pictures will show, Pebble Beach, Carmel, and the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean are beautiful nearly beyond description.

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What a fun day we had and hopefully inspired a coming generation. Several months back, I was on the front porch of our cabin located on the Cumberland Plateau near Sewanee, TN.

I caught a glimpse of a large cat running through the woods in a stealth-like manner.

One of our final stops was touring the famous Winchester House which was the home of the heiress of the Winchester rifle fortune. It was quite interesting to see what an eccentric woman with unending funds can do.

In closing, we want once again thank Noel, Nonie, and Danielle for being the gracious hosts they were and showing us some of the most beautiful sights we have ever seen.

We, like probably most of you, have seen pictures of the giant Redwoods our whole lives.

But, let me tell you, that pictures cannot do these massive Redwood trees anything close to justice.

Our first impressions were that San Francisco and California are more beautiful than we ever imagined.

Second, we realized how easy it was to breathe the low, low humidity air.

Several months ago, two of my relic hunting buddies (Patrick Stewart and Josh Tyree) took a trip to an organized relic dig in South Carolina.

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