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Our current ‘legal system’ is a fraud and it works to their benefit and to our detriment.

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Since the founding of our country, the ‘elite’ (and their robber baron partners) have fabricated our history, taken control of our economy and altered our form of government and legal system.

The whole rather sordid tale is brilliantly exposed in Judge Dale’s guide contains material authored by Judge Dale, retired, and others – and strategies for dealing with the commercial nature of our corporate governments.

From Judge Dale, retired: “The Federal and State Governments are not real. and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called statutes.” Examples of the US Corporation and state and local sub-corporations: As Judge Dale exposes, the private BAR attorneys have been indoctrinated into believing that we have a lawful system of justice, which we do not.

They are privately owned corporations [listed on Dun and Bradstreet] called governments . Their job today is to prevent the American people from understanding our reality and to keep us all locked into the legal system BAR attorneys created and were trained to implement.

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