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You can read more about searching for award space on Qantas partners here.

Once you are ready to book, the simplest way to find reward seats for a RTW itinerary is to search one flight at a time.

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Point Hacks reader Mark shared his round-the-world journey to South America, Europe and South Africa in the comments below, costing him 140,000 points in Economy.

The same journey in Business Class would have cost 280,000, or 420,000 in First.

When drawing his map on Great Circle Mapper, I can see that the total distance flown was 34,343 miles, within the 35,000-mile limit: Like other award redemptions, seats are subject to availability and there is a decent chance you would not be able to fly on the date you desire, so you need to be flexible on dates and routes (as always when using points to travel).

To kick things off, you can use the search engine to find most award availability, with the British Airways search engine providing results for Japan Airlines, which does not show up on the Qantas website.

As long as it 23 hours and 59 minutes, it is considered a ‘transit’ rather than a stopover.

The sample itinerary above only has five connections, so let’s tweak it slightly and add more connections This sample itinerary now comes in at a little under 32,000 miles. Adding on a number of smaller flights to reach non-hub cities, if that is where you want to go, is also a very useful way to get value from this award.The following basic Business Class itinerary totals 26,000 miles flown, well within the 35,000-mile maximum: If you want to check the mileage of a range of flights, I recommend inputting the airport codes into Great Circle Mapper to get the total distance, ensuring you are keeping it under the 35,000-mile maximum.Because the Qantas RTW reward allows you to have up to 15 connections, you do not necessarily have to fly the most direct route, as above.This means you’re best to stick to the same cabin the whole way. If you have a child under two years of age, then you just pay the taxes, no points. Read more in our guide to airlines and frequent flyer programs that charge the lowest fuel surcharges. Because departing flights from the UK are charged the Air Passenger Duty.If a child is two years of age of older, then they are charged the full adult rate for points redemptions. However, if your transit through the UK is less than 24 hours, then your departing flight won’t be charged the APD. Remember to use the multi-city search tool on the Qantas website, not the round-the-world tool on the oneworld website. No, Emirates is not part of the oneworld alliance, therefore it is not eligible for this award.Read more in our guide to cities and countries to aim for to minimise taxes and fees. The only exception is that if you include Japan Airlines in your itinerary, you’ll need to phone Qantas. What should I do if the phone agent doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing? Qantas oneworld Classic Flight Rewards require a lot of points comparatively to redeem simple one-way redemptions but you can get a hell of a lot of travel squeezed into one itinerary.

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