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The first issue is that of student belonging in their classrooms and in the broader campus culture.

Most students struggle to transition into college, but students of less privileged and more marginal backgrounds face even greater challenges as they enter what they can perceive to be an unwelcoming or even hostile environment (Carter, Locks, Winkle-Wagner, & Pineda, 2006; Kalsner & Pistole, 2003).

When notions of genius or inherent talent were downplayed, stereotype threat was greatly reduced.

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This deadline is two weeks in advance of the deadline for submitting a housing application (May 15).

You must submit both a request for accommodation to Disability Resources a housing application to University Housing.

Returning students and graduate students must also submit requests for accommodation to Disability Resources two weeks in advance of the deadline for submitting a housing application for the same reasons as stated above.

The housing application deadline for returning students is March 01.

Conversely, interactions that result in feelings of social anxiety and fear decrease a sense of belonging.

Accordingly, student cultures that foster positive diversity experiences help students – all students – feel like they are a valued part of a campus community.Repeatedly, studies suggest that self-affirmation – where students think about their valued characteristics, skills etc. This section of the website presents evidence and examples of self-affirmation activities. College adjustment in a multiethnic sample: Attachment, separation-individuation, and ethnic identity. Help students attribute their anxieties to causes other than stereotype to lessen anxiety for students who would normally suffer from stereotype threat. Journal of College Student Development, 44(1), 92–109. Students who register for and receive accommodations through Disability Resources can receive academic accommodations, housing accommodations and/or dining accommodations.All students must submit documentation and participate in the interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations.Identifying and eliminating stereotype threat should be a central goal for teachers who want to increase inclusivity in the classroom.

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