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(See Page 12.) Arena Saturday night Ceremony di- —(Ian Mc Kain) Post-Pact Forecas t B. Fishermen To Extend Limits DA NANG (UPI)—Buddhist-led rebels, with government" forces dosing a ring of fire around their pagoda fortress, announced today they would negotiate with government forces if U. Homer Stevens, secretary of - To me can mean «ty Nass Rivers in B. behind the pagoda to escape the the 10.000-mpmber United Fish- m thb^—that we will go out! Allied Workers’ Un- |Uld intercept Alaska-bound fish ta SP"8 operations, inchoated Ion. The rebel mortar barrage and Continued on Page I ■Calgary director gets award and kiss from Goring Don t Miss be doing jvill be conserving fish 1 * * * for the Americans.” the union i leader said. MW mi r * KM mi KM mi mi KM Itu j However, he didn't believe the | y"r. Magnuson ID-Wash) dot.” Unless such violations are " Way * asked Secretary of State Dean punished, he added, the conser- " *7™ , with me . What do beauties, but they must be well herself.” employers want? sacrifice 'o govajr monza , radio, one owner 95 N,w tj"* «"in‘ omdition thmugh ,nn *' _ □ fi N ™ A b^ NAL 1 ' 4 ‘ TON W1TH b^r A i^ ^w'lh COLE- 121 ROOMS TO RENT c SArd 7 ^ nm . made toe forecast after the ^ Mme Americans 159,000 of 233,000 aockeye and two countries reached a stale- intercept B. differences between the two) WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen.."these violations were not mi- l co !! Rusk Saturday to call on the vation program in the Bristol Arn . groomed, dressed in business - Competition Is keen.

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i r n » rs* going to have to get together ISr OUier Of r FODe JP Ig Ure Ith salmon on deck well "l have been advised that our! tions,” Magnuson said, "and I Gemini 9's substitute Target aft er police found him nude . Council Business Municipal council* of Sidney and Saanich, and ako Saanich B committee, will all hold meeting* this week. Tuesday In committee room 2 at the municipal hal L Saanich council will hold a special meeting; at p.m. which fired six rockets near the new marine compound In an apparent attempt to knock out the rebel mortor position. VICTORIA 12 'JOm- Dear Doctor: I am taking diet answer to "anemic conditions." 'Vice as much fat as they really p UI* and avoiding all f*oda tike. • James Bay Golden Age Club, Niagara St Hall, 2 p.m. %m t Yhlte with yellow flowers £ DIAMOND JUBILEE F.l TALL MARIGOLDS doable blooming . 7 Come to “BEDDING PLANT LAND OVER H ACRE OF BEDDING PLANTS Estate Board annual installation meet¬ ing, Empress, 6 p.m. Those going to Canada will spend a week in training at; Thetis Island, oft Chcmainus.l then go on to village work. Kathy disap- old girl missing more than a peared while on her way to a year. Repercussions from plain fo rthe September election this could propel the confmnta- of a constitution-making assem- tion beyond hope of control, bly and eventual return to Officials said Ky had led the, civilian government. Reynolds, of Richard Ryding, of Portland; George Scranton, of Vancouver. ANOTHER SPECIAL FEATURE on the Family Station Two brothers and a sister of the deranged kidnapper turned killer accompanied his body from the funeral home at Miffllntown. The girl was receiving “large amounts of mail," a hospital spokesman said, and spent much of.

; i the 173th meridian west, Coast Guard and Navy surveil- • ^ c i brother of former scaped back to legal wa-arwe -had positively identified CAPE KENNEDY (UPI) - U. Senate aide Bobby Baker before the Cnast Guard and documented these viola- The Atlas rocket toat will orbit, w8s arrested early Saturday give pursuit. ,, ‘ OK turned over to Japan for proee- pad late Saturday to keep . Drama Festival Awards The Knack Winner By PATRICK O’NEILL The awwrd also carries with: reporter, was toe best aotor of _. The trailer park will be dissolved lollowing start of op¬ erations later this year. Saanich lands and planning committee will meet at pjn. fisheries official aays ail but five of 62 Russian fishing vessel* seen operating a week ago off Hie Virginia-North Caroline coast a pp ar en t ly have left. Rhododendron Show Three more were wounded by Vietnamese government skyraider*. Meetings TUESDAY • Victoria Electric Club, Crestaurant, 455 Belleville, p.m. ANY For Information and frao advance sate inarrationi phons pair local Canadian Pacific Agant-EVS-7771. The 11 EVERGREEN HONEYSUCKLE,,^,., -rant, fast growing In nan or partial shade. Cool 22i*J“** with rain beginning in after- Portland noon. Winds nartriwest 15 becoming southerly in the after- Prirwton noon. to the type of effort underway in the Senate to broaden a Hungarian Fair Has Record List BUDAPEST (AP)-The Buda¬ pest industrial fair has opened Friday with a record partici¬ pation of 36 countries, includ¬ ing China after an unexplained five-year absence. Students To Help Indians Diggings Found \ ’ ★ * * * * * Slain Kidnapper Linked with Lost Girl tre were elated at the success of the first test, which its direc¬ tors called ' better than we had, any right to expect." The accelerator is the nation’s newest research facility for high energy physics. may be compared to a 10.000 - foot long super - micro¬ scope, only four inches In diame- tre, through which U. Hopes For Calm Until Meeting SEATTLE (AP) — Six Seattle Pacific College students will spend the summer working with Indians on Thetis Island with the North American Indian Mission as part of a student- financed missionary project. Pa., 45 miles north- may have abducted a six-year- west of here. It attacks on Buddhist pagodas at vvxild be designed to re-affinn i Pa Nang. to believe he did not Intend] Meanwhile, officials said U. Administration officials gave this rundown at the situation! Officials speculated this sii|r correspondent Sam Caatan, could be because they are for pure research. Doctors said blisters on her feet would prevent her from leaving bed for several more days.

of he Dominion Drama Fes- The Knack and the French] ^k, as the who believes she QVa J - language production The Maids ha5 raped by anyom , in hor Director Joyce Doolittle ran by Jean Genet, shared the big vicinity, was the best actrcs*. "I just th , victoria Day holiday Mon- called police and said a man wanted to climb that tree." t j iere wl |, )(o was looking in the window of Ho then refused to answer | paper Tuesday morning. any other questions until he paper will appear Wednesday. The high current generated by the new accelera¬ tor means more electrons hitting the target, and more nuclear re¬ actions for scientists to study.

Mc Pherson playhouse Saturday Michael Ball, a yoflng National night to receive the top prize Tlveatre School graduate who| A special S200 prize for best from adjudicator Marius Goring, once worked as a Daily Colonist i actor or acbrss less than 25 i years old went to James Eberle, who played Tom in The Knack. , „ IMext Paper diaries Baker was (ound on was booked on suspicion of \*rr i 1 llje limb of the tree about 10 being a prowler \y 0n]1PU(|il V feet above the ground after Police said that when they ■j KS. y the occupant of t h e home asked him why he was in the The , afl w ,„ otmerve where the ti-ee was located tree, he replied. 382 0079 scientists beam electrons at a nuclear target and study the effect of the impact. ' - I EAZLr FT hltchea, car wiring, water alze room, each nn.

Home 4 T el r photic 383-4111 IT ant Ads 386-2121 (Eelmi&i. Thrill to the sight of hundreds of Rhododen¬ drons. If you eat less, and have less food residue to dispose of, obviously your bowels will not (and cannot) move as plenti¬ fully as they did before. Commonest is so-called “sen¬ ile cataracts,” which develop as | part of the aging process in Lam frm dmatma Virions wrist downtown Saatts - ■ mars canvtsitsl and ralnisi way to trawl. CA8CAD GANDY APPLE PETUNIAS -, A Mi¬ n' balanced diet. IRIHIIIQ Red and Ptak- IHIUIVIO (Tiolce boshy plant* . RADIO 0 Cl VI SAN FRANCISCO TOTAL LNDL'STKIALS 15150 U ! the - lrrm Pndous exuberance’’ & -n SS3T x JSS o S ted a floor propo^J that auto per Fixamid share from the hn% lcft thp economy. 1 «-« *212 an: tin id « eritic Ralph Nader he elected to earft of the trea.wiry; White the stock market de- "wnf S&wi - ’u GM's board of directory Na- q e 11 g i b 1111 y for Pine etined on most .for -he »c Tun 37i« 2 « 25n 3« « c J^Tcsp 2 Tn! p„ in| ., nr , ( (|ivk1or K , expected fourth straight week, the Dow ^ ^Twu a S ^ V. The mamgemert slate to ^ ^, arpd m Jlln P arhl Junes industrial average showed »M LINES |C uih tnlfr 1*^1 147 ? Thc exceptionally large living and dining areas finished in black walnut ure perfectly planned for entertaining.

Sunny , Cool - * * * (Details on Pag* 2) Vancouver Island's Leading IS etc s paper Since 1838 i\o. Rsmsmbar only Caaadian Pacific pn- s Mh FREE ADVANCE AUTOMOBILE RESERVATIONS ... MAY 26 I and your jwrents ought so be are heredity; eye injuries of happy. f You will get, chough fat that The newest of reds. The kitchen is ultra¬ modern with sliding glass doors to large sundeck. tions, Magnuson said, "and I Gemini 9 s substitute Target «“ CI pum-e ivunu nun nuue ‘ , presume ,tbe evidence was satellite was raised on Its firing in a tree. stake, Mag-j He asked fer information as the May 31 rendezvous and Corp., * vending machine auun said in a letter jto Rusk, to the outcome. company which the Bobby Baker financial scandal, told police he had taken same of the hallucina¬ tory drug LSD at a friend's house "down the street.” A spokesman for the Serve-U firm confirmed that Baker was a brother of Bobby Baker. Baker’s clothing was found in a pile near the tree and he was booked on suspicion of being a prowler Police said that when they asked him why he was in the tree, he replied, “I just wanted to climb that tree." He then refused to answer any other questions until he cortf erred with his attorney, [officers said. )TV-A| new suburb will be established by June 1 here when Columbia Ce'lukwe installs 35 trailers to house personnel involved in the start of a new kraft pulp mill here. bureau of commercial fisheries at Glou¬ cester, Mass., said he did not know where the Russian vessels had gone but said apparently they have moved out in the last two or three day*. intelligence gathering role and SENATE BID 'has actually made po Mey. Great Britain, the United States and West Ger¬ many. (UPI) — gation of the disappearance of The FBI and state police little Kathy Shea, who has Saturday Investigated the pos- been missing since March 18, sibility the deranged kidnap- 1965, from her home at per of Peggy Ann Bradnick Tyrone. sides were appealing for sup- The meeting, if K takes place, port, would include South Vietnamese a major fear in Washington, government and provincial was that Ky would mount more I officials and other leaders. How-] personnel in South Viet Nam ever, government forces were remained in touch with all reported to have captured the Tanmmh pagoda at Da Nang * * * Friday. forces in the Da Nang fl I Anii I llli area were not taking active part Ij ICall VFl Il In the internal struggle, hut] were under orders to protect ILnn thelr nwn equipment, person- li CCp llldoh nel and positions. S fc Army f4 action known aa operation under rebel control. • The Cbmmunista appeared In New York, the newsman to be lying low on the military w|s Identified as Look maga-, front. Peggy Ann continued to recover at the Fulton County Medical Centra at nearby Mc Connellsburg, Pa., from the effects of her captivity. an With the North American cution.” preparations on schedule for executive with the Serve-U ■•Imon resource at. it 51.000 for the MAC 14 Theatre the festival for his performance The only comedy of toe 1%6 | M Tolen. Ann Jellicoe s risque The, ^ Knack ( Knack, was toe beslptoduchon | (See al*o Pages It. diaries Baker was (ound on llje limb of the tree about 10 feet above the ground after the occupant of the home where the tree was located called police and said a man was looking in the window of his house. C., Sun., May 22, 1966 Continued from Page 1 Buddhists Offer Peace Talks NEB DON'T KNOW t W’EKE.'ru KT , YBZ DOT/T KNOV . S3 as Halifax Montreal Ottawa Sm* tiffs’ rvf Sh* M n “Tbd Flat I Oospe Is a Ferrari at he feels the CLA has they were fully satisfied with Lllctir OIl sometimes gone beyond an present arrangements. The facility will be used only WASHINGTON (UPI)—'United factions in an effort to restore’ St Acs officials hope South Viet 'harmony. S: declined Saturday kept within bounds over the to throw support either to weekend and then calmed down i premier Ky or to dissident by a meeting- planned for Moo- Buddhist leaders, although both day in Saigon. "The best way to prepare to make progress is to major in Math; but it's important to •round out your studies with liberal arts. HOMIS, TRAILER FARKS -- safe.' 51795 ' V luxe, giill blue, une VI61 PONTIAC sed^. lm « "f Lava itci aval labia 4™ ct , V Iff vnr VSITACPU ^ „ L, .*! The trend is away from majoring in business as an undergraduate. l.o OO people to cross but not maps, the ts Sebqha , Qng ££i gh f Qr ^ Egy]v -— . * * * 1 Support for the theory of CD [I 11 CJ O Galanopoukw, at least as LHUUUV regards the possible site of Ationtis and the destruction of Know**, ha* came this spring • 1 from James W. “ c arenouse ‘ When Santas-a* first blew here within the next five or six J*[“* : £*u! glasses, actress Ulla Strom* stedt of the MGM television series. rehis 1 oric city overwhelmed within minutes by one of the greatest natural catastrophe® in world hnstory.

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