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The single stop at Gibbs Street will permit an across-the-street transfer to the 3300-foot-long (1000-m) Portland Aerial Tram connecting to the Marquam Hill campus of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU Aerial Tram).

Jon further reports that while this streetcar extension will be finished in September 2005, it will not open for another year (when the first condo towers open in So Wa).

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The groundbreaking ceremony followed up on jubilation after a successful bond measure for system expansion passed in November, and the Federal Transit Administration finally committed to over US$587 million of project funding in late January.

The 20.3-mile (32.7-km) starter line is projected to cost approximately US$1.3 billion.

(For an overview of the system, with map and photo, see Orléans Light Rail Tramway: Key Facts.) While it's an old city, and rich with history, Orléans is not so large, with just 250,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area – thus it's currently the smallest city in France operating a tramway.

of May 2002, ridership on the Orléans light rail tramway (Tram Line 1) was averaging about 37,000 passenger boardings per day.

[Portland Streetcar, March 2005; Gary Cooper and Thomas B. A Two-Year Report Card", National Light Rail Transit Conference, Transportation Research Board, Portland, Nov.

2003] The extension is reported to have cost .8 million, or about .5 million per mile (about million per km).(For an overview of the line with map and photo, see Portland Streetcar: Key Facts.) The Portland Streetcar, a public-private project run separately from the Tri Met system, was initially opened in July of 2001, routed in an enlongated loop configuration over 4.8 miles (7.7 km) of track which basically resulted in a 2.4-mile route (with cars operating bidirectionally on separate streets 1-2 blocks apart).This original route included a total of 40 stops, located along the alignment about every 3-4 blocks.As we've noted in our article Phoenix: LRT Project Under Way ...Expansion Sought, Valley Metro's computer modelling predicts significant annual travel time savings of up to 585 hours per year for many Valley residents living near the LRT system as well as for those living as far away from the line as 15 miles. Meanwhile, work on actually installing the system is gaining momentum.However, the first two systems were ruled out because of technical problems, and, rather than simply awarding the contract to Translohr, local planners decided to re-open bidding and to include the option of a standard steel-wheel tramway. On 11 March 2005, reports Jon Winslow, the system celebrated the grand opening of its 0.6-mile (1-km) extension to River Place, including 4 additional stops.

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