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But everyone is busy, everyone is struggling with online dating, and so I think it’s important to give people a chance and not write them off straight away. Back then I was so insecure about my looks, and my weight, and thought no boy would ever fancy me when there were thinner and prettier girls out there.I usually operate a three strike rule – though lots of people will tell you I’m far too tolerant! And my insecurities were so obvious, I could barely speak to a guy I fancied without blushing and running away, so I never had any success, and it was a vicious circle.

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Ignore them and look for the shy ones, the nerdy ones, the sweet ones. I think dating apps are a curse on modern society, they’ve turned us all into catalogue shoppers, dehumanized us and made us forget even basic things like respect and common courtesy (though I am still battling against this! However if you want to meet someone they do appear to be a necessary evil, so I guess the least worst ones – for me anyway – are Bumble and Guardian Soulmates.

They’re the guys who will treat you well and stay with you long term. On Bumble I actually don’t like the ‘girls go first’ thing – I think it makes guys even lazier than they already are – but it’s easy to use and it’s generally accepted as less of a hookup app than Tinder.

Now I do much better with men because I have come to accept who I am and how I look, and if a guy doesn’t like it, well then he’s not right for me and he can jog on.

And that don’t-give-a-fuck confidence is actually really attractive to guys.

There are so many things that can go wrong it’s hard to pick one!

Obviously there are many potentially terrible things he could do: spike my drink, rob my handbag, assault me – but these are thankfully highly unlikely.I like a guy to take charge, to be polite and charming, and to treat me like a lady.But of course none of that is worth anything without chemistry.When you meet someone, and you just click, and sparks fly…it happens so rarely for me, but when it does, it’s the most exciting thing in the world.In your 20s girls tend to go for the in-your-face lads, the blokey ones, the really handsome ones, the ones with swagger.

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