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The details of this question are: Didn't date in high school but now found an interesting man/boy, it may get serious.This may sound cliché, but I am mature and have planned my life well.

Their relationship is great, but it is hard on her now in her 60’s, and he in his lat 80’s, because of his health. I was living with a 50 year old, I was running a small project for the Olympics, I was the second person in a two person business operation. Oh, you might feel like you don’t mature quite as much in the next as in the last five years, and that will be true in the sense that in the last five years you hit puberty.

What you probably do not realize is how long puberty takes to get through.

I even ended up in business with him, and living with him for a couple years.

And just so folks don’t think this is sexist, when I was 26, my boyfriend was 18.

Maybe he is exactly the perfect guy for you, and will remain so.

But you both need to know that every 18 year old changes a LOT between 18 and 24. Just don’t let the relationship keep you from school or career.

This is easy to confirm…ask him how much he has changed since he was 18. If you end up marrying him, wait until you are at least 23, because no one, not even you, will know how you will mature, and if he will keep up with you.

And if you marry him or not, you will want to not have lost time on your education and career!

And dating oneself has tons of perks for the Aspie as he never has to compromise on when, where, and what to do.

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