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While some artists would be content with their roots already planted, Pigeon John is sowing new seeds that could germinate beautifully, taking him from relatively obscure to a radio staple.

However, the melody is what makes the hook so striking, as it balances nicely with the sparse horns that interject.

Showing another side of his talents is "Hey You," which plods along with a sexy bassline, thumping kick drum, and a few piano stabs before ripping into a rocking rouse that could easily incite a crowd to mosh.

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Good Sinner One For The As We Know It Nothing Without You She Cooks Me Oatmeal!

General Elektriks also helped produce Pigeon John's next album, Encino Man, which arrived in 2014.

After signing with Dine Alone Records, the MC released his seventh album, Good Sinner, in 2016.

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Salters, a Quannum labelmate, co-produced the album along with Pigeon John to sound different than his previous releases.

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