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These above 7 less-technical skills will accompany you all through your career.But that doesn’t mean tech skills are not important.

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Never refrain from scanning fat books or browse the internet (there are a lot of helpful e-books and experts!

) to learn how to solve a specific problem when you feel stuck.

The smart ones will find new ways to do things, taking lesser time, and enthusiastic juniors will not get bored if the work is something repetitive.

It’s always practical and intelligent to know that you need help.

If you can communicate complex things you do or need to do in a comprehensive, simple-to-understand manner so that a guy you met in the street today would understand – you are almost there!

Your communication skills will definitely help you win over your seniors, and who knows, you might be their next choice to lead an individual project, in future.Network building is critical; it helps you connect to consult knowledgeable friends, peers and associates that can undoubtedly reduce an infuriating quest to fix an error before it is too late.Communication is a key skill and can take you to the level you want to.Being a newbie in the arena, always listen carefully or ask what they talked about and how they are going to translate those mutually-agreed requirements into a solution.This way, you get to gain a valuable insight into how and why a solution is proposed.Open Dealer Exchange has a direct hire opportunity for a MS SQL DBA to join their team.

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